12 Things the INFJ Can Do to Heal Their Broken Heart

Because INFJ's are highly sensitive, future-oriented, empathetic, and stimulated easily, breakups can be a bit of a train wreck for them! You can read all about why exactly that is in one of my recent posts, 5 Reasons the INFJ Has Such a Hard Time Coping With Heartbreak

That's why I decided to write up a post on exactly what the INFJ can do to start healing their broken heart. The reason I want to help you is because I’ve been there! Oh boy, have I been there. I’ve had several breakups, each so different from the rest. I’ve had some that were painful, but that I was able to move on from fairly quickly. I’ve had others that were so excruciatingly miserable that I literally thought I might die. I’m not exaggerating. I even distinctly remember Googling, “Can you die from a broken heart?” 

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5 Reasons the INFJ Has Such a Hard Time Coping With Heartbreak (And What They Can Do About It)

While most people (well, people who aren't heartless) tend to have a difficult time moving on after a breakup, the INFJ often takes this sentiment to a whole new level. Their family members and friends may even start to worry terribly about the wellbeing of an INFJ who doesn't seem to be making progress towards healing.

I've compiled a list of reasons why the INFJ has a slow healing process, along with tips on how they can try to cope with heartbreak in a healthy way. If you're an INFJ or you're trying to help an INFJ out, I hope these lists will help you or them with the difficult process of healing from a painful heartbreak.

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