I Took Five Different MBTI Personality Tests and the Results are Surprising

I wholeheartedly believe in the MBTI. I've heard the criticism, but I just don't buy into it. I've seen so many people take this test and they're all incredibly surprised by how accurate the results are- even down to the most detailed things, like the way they plan a trip and how they behaved in school. The only criticism I've heard for the MBTI is that it's easy to answer in the way you want to be perceived instead of the way you actually are (which would obviously throw off your results)...and that people can't be defined by 4 little letters.


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51 Memes & Quotes That Perfectly Describe the INFJ


INFJ's, otherwise known as "Advocates," by MBTI terms, are a rare and complicated species. They're easily misunderstood because of their contradictory characteristics and their mysterious and private nature. I've assembled a list of carefully chosen memes that I believe describe what it's like to be an INFJ.

Of course, everybody is unique and different but I'm grateful to know that at least less than 1% (according to 16personalities.com) of the population shares some of the different and unique personality traits and feelings that I experience. It makes feel a little less alone, even though I don't mind being alone anyways.

1. Advocates yearn for depth, authenticity, and sincerity in their relationships.

They seek out people who "share their passions, interests, and idealogies, people with whom they can explore philosophies and subjects that they believe are truly meaningful."


2. They have a knack for knowing when they're being manipulated.

They can spot dishonest and disingenuous motives easily. They see past sales tactics and will not put up with being manipulated and lied to.  


3. They are often seen as private and mysterious.

They don't open us easily. They usually have a breaking moment when they finally allow themselves to be seen fully by someone else- with all of their quirkiness, deep thoughts, and goofiness. This only happens once they know they can trust someone and are comfortable enough around someone to do so


4. Advocates are extremely passionate about their principles and values.

Someone is "likely to receive an alarmingly strong response," if they challenge or criticize the INFJ or their beliefs. Although introverted a lot of the time, Advocates will speak up for what they're passionate about. When it comes to what they feel strongly about, they don't mind rocking the boat a little.


5. Advocates are passionate about thinking for themselves.

They won't conform to any expectations or social norms if they go against their core values. Their main goal as parents is to help their children become strong and independent adults who know how to think, not what to think.


6. They need time alone.

Though they're often mistaken as extroverts, especially by those they're closest to, they are, in fact, introverts. They love spending time with their loves ones, but it's important for others to remember that Advocates need their time alone to recharge. Don't take it personally if they suddenly withdraw or disappear for long amounts of time. They do not mean to hurt anyone or to burn any bridges but sometimes they end up doing so because of how withdrawn and introverted they can become.


7. While Advocates love sticking to routines, sometimes they feel a strong desire to escape and get away from it all.


8. They are very sensitive and will do everything they can to avoid criticism.

They often come off as people pleasers, especially to people they aren't yet comfortable with and who they're afraid of speaking their minds to. 


9. Advocates often feel that they are most themselves and most alive when they're by themselves or with people who they are very close to.

They enjoy being alone and hardly ever get bored. When they do form a romantic relationship their relationships have a lot of depth and the connection is strong but sometimes they need their space to do things alone or to feel as though they're "alone" while still in the same room as their significant other.


10.  They are often misunderstood.

Their characteristics can be very contradictory. They're very sweet, yet very tough. They're extremely serious, but they're also super silly. They're very emotional and very logical. All at the same time! It can be very confusing to understand, even for the INFJ, but they eventually come to terms with their "oddness."

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11. They are the masters of overthinking.

About everything.


12. Advocates feel a strong sense of love for their loved ones and for the less fortunate, the hurting, the lonely, etc.

The amount of feelings they have can sometimes feel unbearable. They often place high value on defending the helpless, fighting for equality, and striving to "change the world," as much as they can.


13. Most advocates will do everything they can to avoid talking on the phone. 


14. Advocates like planned spontaneity.

Completely contradictory yet it makes perfect sense to the INFJ. They want to travel the world and go on exciting adventures but they appreciate at least a little structure here and there.

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15. Advocates can become easily overstimulated by sensory details. If too much is going on at once, it can cause the INFJ to shut down. 


16. They are very are idealistic.

They often expect perfection from themselves, from others, and from their surroundings. They want life to be perfect and can feel disappointed when things or people aren't living up to their expectations. INFJ's need to remember to be less critical of others, to stop beating themselves up, and to try to live more in the present. 

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