The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide for Stressed Out Women


We've all been there...hurriedly purchasing last minute gifts a couple weeks (or even a week or few days) before Christmas. A couple years ago I had an especially busy season and had to buy most of my gifts on CHRISTMAS EVE. So, don't feel bad if you're a little behind!

Amazon Prime has been my saving grace this season (and always) because I've been able to pick out amazing gifts for people and send them on their way, knowing they'll be delivered within 2 days. It also decreases my stress knowing that I can order gifts last-minute for those hard-to-shop for people. You know the ones I'm talking about!

I've decided to round up my favorite stress relief products because I've been really into them lately. I'm a firm believer in regularly pampering yourself and implementing healthy and natural stress relief methods. I think everyone should have a few really great stress relief products to use regularly and to use when they've had an extra rough day!

Don't worry, whoever you're buying these pamper products for won't have to know you think she's stressin'. I mean, really, aren't we all!? But she'll just know that you care about her and want to pamper her. And if I'm being honest, I ordered most of these gifts for myself as well, because I'm definitely that "stressed out girl" in need of pampering. So treat someone else (or yourself) right by gifting them something that keep them feeling happy, balanced, and relaxed.

You can purchase all of these on Amazon, using Amazon Prime's 2-day free shipping. If you don't already have Amazon Prime, you can click on the link below to try Amazon for FREE for 30 days! 

1. These San Francisco Salt Co. calming, muscle relaxing bath salts. I just bought this one for myself and am IN LOVE with it. I'll be buying this product for years to come! I've tried several other bath soaks but this one washes away my stress like *that*, smells wonderful, and soothes my aching muscles better than the rest.


2. This Sow and Grow Herb Seed Starter Kit. A new hobby that doesn't take much time and is super cute and fun? It can't get much better than that! And how cool would it be to have your own herb garden right in your kitchen!? No more running to the store to buy herbs last minute. That's definitely a stress-reliever.


3. This stylish organizational Creative Co-Op Cactus Jewelry Holder. Organization is key for decreasing stress, which is why I included this super trendy jewelry holder!


4. This Herb n' Beauty Focus Aromatherapy Body Butter that prevents breakouts AND increases focus and productivity. 


5. These trendy Lotus Flower Ear Jacket earrings. A new trendy piece of jewelry is just what a stressed out girl needs to boost her confidence and conquer the day. 


6. These All Natural Aromatherapy Bath Bombs that reduce anxiety and stress.


7. This portable and complete VelloStar Sewing Kit for travel, home, and office. Being prepared has proven to decrease stress, which is why I included this incredible product. I just got my own VelloStart Sewing kit and love knowing that I have it there for emergency sewing projects and for any fun/de-stressing sewing activities I want to try when I'm feeling crafty.


8. The 52 Lists for Happiness book, which inspires positivity, balance, and joy. I have the other 52 Lists Book and I'm obsessed with it! This one is specifically for promoting positiivity, balance, and joy and I've heard wonderful things about it, so it's definitely on my wish list.


9. This 2018 Eccolo Planner that's super cute, functional, and full of inspiring quotes. I actually found this planner at my local Home Goods store, but thought I'd convince my husband to purchase it for me from Amazon for Christmas. I FELL IN LOVE with it in the store. It was hard to set it back down and leave it there, but luckily it's going to be my next planner. It comes with a full set of planner stickers, is full of inspiration colorful (super Instagram worthy) quote pages, and it's very thoughtfully laid out to promote organization and productivity!


10. This super trendy and adorable Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box. It includes dividers and 24 blank recipe cards. Again, organization is key for decreasing stress. That's why I included my favorite recipe box. I love the style of it (and there are several other options to choose from) and that it comes with those adorable cards. My mom has a recipe box that I've always been fond of. I wanted to keep all my treasured recipes in a little box, so I decided to purchase my own. I love this box and so will your friend (ahem, or you.)


11. This Natural Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candle that calms the mind from anxiety and stress, relieves insomnia, and is extra long-lasting!