5 Ways to Feel More Confident About Your Looks (Without Spending a Fortune)


Hey, my fellow determined dreamers! I'm so glad you decided to join me for another post that will help you feel happier, healthier, and more confident! Today's topic is all about a little somethin' somethin' that I haven't always been knowledgeable about. You see...

Once upon a time, I wore my hair up every. single. day. (okay, I still do that most days tbh) and had on either a white, pink, or other basic colored stretchy basic tee. I'm sure you know the kind.


11 Things the INFJ Can Do to Nurture Their Relationships

Whenever I see someone talking on the phone while they're driving, I honestly think they're somewhat crazy AND totally superhuman. Not because it's illegal or anything (in fact, in the state I'm in it's not illegal at all)- but simply because I'm not the type to just "call someone up to "chit chat." Although my dislike for talking on the phone might be part of the reason I don't call people up regularly, it's only a small part. Truth is, I'm just bad at maintaining relationships.


The Key to Zapping Adult Acne Is ZAPZYT

Let's face it. Acne is NOT just a skin condition that teenagers have to deal with. We all thought our days of breakouts would be over around the time we turned 18, but unfortunately, that's just not the case.

In fact, with the stress that being an adult brings, at times my acne seems even worse than it was when I was younger. My more troublesome breakouts bring me back to the insecurity of my teen years and I'm left thinking, Is this really STILL happening? 

5 Big Changes I'm Making in 2018 to Improve My Blog

I feel like the whole of January is my "New Years Day." It's the fresh start that most of us are so desperately needing by the time December rolls around. It's the month where we refresh, set goals, and say, "20__ is going to be the best year EVER!" Even though I'm feeling all the "new year vibes" and definitely feeling as though I've been given a blank slate, I'm still holding firm to my promise to stick to my 24 before 25 goals and not make a million different sets of goals.



5 Blogging Tactics That Will Help You Earn More & Stay Productive (+ 5 Free Printouts)

If you're anything like me, you want to be organized and have your life put together, but things end up getting in the way- bad habits, lack of discipline, "real life" problems, kids, stress, relationships, grief, mental health issues, watching Netflix for hours on end, etc. The list could go on and on and on and on. It can be especially difficult to feel like your life is structured when you run your own business/blog.