The 21-Day Positivity Challenge That'll Change Your Life with Pamprin


As someone who struggles with anxiety/depression AND has every symptom known to man when I'm PMSing (literally, every symptom- just ask my mom or husband), using Pamprin and partnering up with them for this positivity challenge has been a major life-changer! 

We all have those days when everything (literally everything) feels like an uphill battle- from your toothpaste falling off your toothbrush to your husband (or mom or roommate or whoever) saying "The kitchen is a mess," and you taking it as a personal attack. Sometimes the days turn into weeks. Sometimes the weeks even turn into months.


The Very Best Free Printables of All Time

I've always been obsessed with all things papery and cutesy. When I walk into Target, I head straight for the dollar section paper goods (those cute little notepads and post-it-notes that nobody really needs more of are my FAVE). You can also find me in the planner section trying to convince myself that I don't need another planner when I already have one for the current year. I can't help that I just love staying organized! 


82 Date Night Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Before I got married, I thought the idea of married people having "date nights" was kind of silly. I even remember telling Connor we'd never be that couple that had to schedule our time together and ranting on and on with questions like... Why do they need to call it that? Why do they have to set aside an exact time to spend time together when they're together, like, every day? I thought the whole idea was cheesy and that if we were married we'd obviously spend loads of time together!


7 Things I Do Regularly to Manage My Anxiety and Depression

I've always had a hard time telling people that I have anxiety and depression. In fact, I even wrote an entire post on how to cope with mental illness and didn't even say that I STRUGGLED WITH ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION! Like, what the!? When I went back and read that post, I was sad that I hadn't had the courage at that point to be vulnerable about my struggles. But there's a few reasons I've had a hard time sharing these things.

How to Create a Content Calendar You'll Actually Stick To

I'm the kind of person who needs to write down my goals and to-do lists or I'll end up watching 5 hours of Netflix while binge eating 2 full tubs of cookie dough. I realize that some people can get stuff done without a written down plan. I would say I'm jealous of those people, but I actually LOVE plannering (Yes, I just made a new word up). I'm also the kind of person who likes my goals and to-do lists on paper.

Content Calendar Corrected.jpg